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Just some of our partner companies include

Talk to us if you’re interested in any of the products below, or looking for something not listed. We leverage our existing relationships with our partners to get you the best possible deal and speed up integration, saving you time, money, and effort. 

Our extensive global network means that we’re likely directly connected to the ideal solution for you. NYCE pride ourselves on being the best first point of contact for anyone looking to solve business needs – we’re driven by creating success stories.

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Media Pro Asia

Centurion FC




Talk to NYCE if you’re looking for the ideal payment solution for your business. Markets include EU, LATAM, Asia, Africa, India, and more. Our industry-leading partners cover a wide range of needs for businesses of all sizes.
If you have something in mind already, NYCE can ensure you get the best deal from our partners. Alternatively, if you’re looking for advice based on your specific business needs, our payments experts can advise on regulations, costs, etc.
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Nyce represents a select number of intelligent, success-driven technologies and services that we believe deliver measurable revenue growth and operational efficiency to gaming companies. 

Via our global network, Nyce accelerates the sales process for the companies we represent, facilitating conversations at only the highest levels. 

We pride ourselves on seeing synergies across our network and capitalizing on them for partners and clients alike.




Seamless Casino Management

Having been involved in the software development industry for over 50 years, and casino management systems for over 25 years, Logismos has over 100 customers in over four continents and counts the majority of the largest European casinos in its customer base.


Product Overview

The Logismos CMS offers centralized management of the entire casino or group of casinos, covering all aspects of the casino operation, including:

  • Members management including EU regulations related to GDPR, AML, and loyalty programs
  • Casino financial management including cage operations, consolidation and Government/Owners reports
  • Table management including player tracking, Interfaces with Slots and F&B systems installed in the Casino
  • CRM including creation of campaigns, VIP management, junkets, player discounts and perks
  • Business Intelligence including advanced analytics, forecasting, player segmentation, player retention


Logismos CMS is already integrated with most of the major slot systems in the market (Novomatic, IGT, Modulus/Galaxis, Advansys, etc.) supporting the operational needs of the entire casino and at the same time covering government regulations related to GDPR/Personal data Act and AML.

Mobile friendly with data available at any location on any platform, this is the most advanced and complete table management system on the market today, offering unrivaled business and player insights.

Logismos CMS is offered under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Visual & Display Control Systems with Unique Table Games

X TREND is the world’s most interactive and dynamic casino gaming trend-board system, a marketing tool and game management system. 

Following the concept of X STADIUM, the casino gaming trend board is completely re-engineered from the ground up. 

Designed using the latest technology, visuals at the table are significantly improved, presenting game results on multiple dynamic layouts that are flexible and configurable.

Our patent-pending, unique “Chase the Trend” games will produce greater excitement and betting activity on Baccarat.

The suite of licensed games allows casinos to add new games to the floor based on side bets.

Interactive displays between the betting and trend boards lead to increased betting, increased revenue and increased hold.

Product Key Features:

  • Custom layout based on client requirements
  • Client can select multiple layouts for various use cases
  • Layout change is as easy as a press of a button via UI
  • Fully bespoke UI design available
  • Attractive background to ensure exciting atmosphere

Remote Slot Machine Play

The solution allows players to play their favorite games installed on your machines remotely.

Similar to an online casino, except that the games the player chooses to play are not stored on any server, but on the machines in your location. The player merely remote controls the machine like they would if they were there.

Its blended technology of capturing video of the machine and using outputs of the machine’s processor enables the player to load credit to the machine, play their favorite game and cash out, all from the comfort of their house, office or any other convenient location.

The technology switches seamlessly from live to remote playing session, enables slot machine buttons to be activated from a second device and manages machine controls for button-based or touch-based slot machines.

Remote2Play connects to any cash transfer management protocol and integrates with any third-party platform using a secured layer.

Key Benefits for Players:

  • Access your favorite slot machines from anywhere 
  • Can be played remotely or physically
  • No need for facemasks or social distancing

Key Benefits for Operators:

  • Operators fun the business more efficiently
  • Creates trust for your players
  • Disrupts the territoriality aspect of the physical casinos
  • Increases daily income from slot machines

Key Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Multi-camera preview
  • Promotes new slot machines fast and efficiently
  • Immediate access
  • Similar interaction
  • True sound

Table Games & Multibet Roulette

GES is a technology company focused on Casino Table Games, Casino Systems and Poker Room Management. Its products offer highly flexible and cost-effective solutions by utilizing leading-edge web and Android technologies. 

Since its incorporation in 2014, GES has installed over 300 table systems globally.

The MultiBet System is a patented system that allows players to make sports and keno style bets on live or virtual table games via a betting terminal issuing betting tickets. 

For instance, bets can be placed on favorite numbers, high-low results, and streaks over single or multiple consecutive games. 

Players insert cash or cash tickets, select between Roulette and Baccarat games, make bet choices, and receive a betting ticket.

When a ticket is printed, players have the option of tracking their bet using their mobile device.

Players can cash out at any time and receive a ticket for any unused credit.

Games can be configured to connect with multiple live or RNG casino games and have more dynamic odds, with both high and low risk payouts.

The MultiBet Management Console highlights AML warnings and suspicious play behavior. The system can be configured to flag up instances of large cash-in and minimal play, and repeated low risk behavior.

With minimum time on device and full control of their personal space, players can enjoy live casino games and stay safe.

The Poker Room Management system features jackpots and bonusing, waitlist, cash game management and tournaments in an integrated flexible system. 

Using wireless technology networking, table-based Android or iOS handsets, the system is cost-effective and easy to install. 

Operators can define their own jackpot structures and contributions. Player centric features such as SMS registering and self-registration kiosks reduce operational overheads.

Cashless Casino Solutions

Equip players with the technology to better track, manage and control their expenditure.

The KOIN wallet is a full service financial wallet that delivers a seamless player experience from funding to cash-out. 

The wallet can be loaded by retail cash, other mobile wallets, bank accounts or crypto exchange.

The advanced casino resort payment solution can be fully integrated with any existing casino mobile apps, or provided as a standalone mobile app and online service. It can be used throughout the entire casino resort at all gaming and traditional retail locations.

KOIN operates within the casino’s existing technology infrastructure so there is no need for massive technology upgrades.

Product Key Features

  • Cost effective and secure payment process providing close loop method
  • Low impact on support staff and operations
  • No major changes to Casino’s Audit procedures
  • Improves the funding of wagers and speeds up payouts
  • Send funds to friends by linking accounts


Access to money 24/7. With its fully integrated financial wallet, KOIN allows casino patrons access to their funds in any way they choose, anywhere, any time.

Accounts are established in strict accordance with OCC  & FDIC regulations.

Protect Your Business and Your Bottom Line with Resysten's Cost-Effective Hygiene Solution

Are you tired of using disinfectants that are not effective or environmentally friendly? Say hello to Resysten®, the next level of hygiene that offers a clear protective coating with nano-technology to keep surfaces free from pathogens, viruses, and bacteria for up to 12 months with just one application.

Resysten® is superior to other disinfectant products in the market and comes with a one-year guarantee. It is a game-changing technology that not only offers protection but also extends the shelf life of furniture and equipment. Plus, it is versatile and can be used on any surface.

Resysten® not only protects your employees and customers but also your business. It can reduce the risk of restaurant illnesses, sick leave, and potential lawsuits, as well as protect your reputation. Additionally, it provides new marketing opportunities by communicating the benefits to attract more customers.

Gunshot Detection & Rapid Response System

Databuoy was founded in 2006 at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Databuoy’s CEO worked as a Defense Research Contractor from 2006-2013 and, since 2014, in Commercial Acoustic Shot Localization.

Databuoy’s patented approach – Time-Event-Source-Synchronized Acoustics (TESSA) – requires multiple sensors, removes false detections and locates events with extreme accuracy.

As well as shooter localization, Databuoy’s smart sensor technology is able to detect other safety events for commercial or hotel security teams.

Gunfire localization plus mobile panic button in one solution.



Solutions Offered

SHOTPOINT® is an acoustic-based smart sensor technology that automatically detects and confirms gunshots, eliminating false alarms. Its indoor and outdoor technology is able to locate a shooter with a less than 2m accuracy and report shots within less than 2 seconds.

GEOFOBTM offers mobile panic button notifications in real time. With the GeofobTM security teams can instantly know if an employee, contractor, student, guest or visitor needs urgent assistance, as well as their identity and exact location. Integrates with our existing network of smart sensors and provides all the benefits of our Know When It Counts® application.

Product Key Features

  • Delivers photos/video of the incident at the exact timestamp of the event
  • Can activate lockdown protocols in a matter of seconds
  • Delivers real-time mobile alerts
  • Provides continuous monitoring of sensor health and acoustic activity
  • Machine learning platform capable of multiple image and acoustic analytics

Live Casino from Vegas

Playgon’s proprietary state of the art mobile platform with digital gaming content provides the iGaming industry with the best products on the market today. 

The pioneering “Vegas Lounge” live dealer casino allows gaming enthusiasts to stream live from the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas! 

Their mobile-first gaming innovation offers its players an imaginative mix of live games and technology giving them an authentic, Vegas-feel experience.

Playgon’s Blackjack delivers the look and feel of land based casino tables with features providing players with the most unique user experience, including Common Draw version to host unlimited players, table yield management, and Card Counting / Advantage Play Detection.

Playgon’s true-to-life Roulette offers players a clear and uninterrupted view of the dealer, wheel, ball, bets, results, trends and statistics. Players can strategize, place multiple bets, track results and review trends without ever losing focus of the game.

Baccarat product adds elements which separate it from the pack without removing its authenticity. The game mixes advances in technology with the traditional game attributes that have resonated and captivated players for hundreds of years.

Tiger Bonus® Baccarat is a special game that takes no commission and features the fantastical Tiger Bonus side bet – When the banker wins with a total of 7 consisting of 3 cards, the Tiger Bonus pays out 40:1. Tie pays 8:1.

Bitblox - Crypto Games for Operators

Bitblox creates innovative and engaging crypto-price-based games for operators that deliver an entertaining experience unlike any other to its users. All games are built on a decentralized liquidity network built on the Solana blockchain.

Bitblox’s flagship product is the Up or Down, a simple crypto game based on the live price of Bitcoin. With a short timeframe of one-minute games and a revenue-share business model, the game offers over 40,000 rounds per month for the players on a 24/7 basis, opening a new revenue stream for operators.

The Up or Down is a player-to-player game based on parimutuel betting, meaning the players are betting against each on the platform and not against the house, reducing the starting capital risk for Operators.

Quick Draw Lottery Games

Drawing from years of accumulated knowledge and experience from the casino, betting and lottery industries, the team behind Summus has created a product category that has its own unique place in the entertainment world, creating completely new market segments.

The lottery platform was originally developed in Ukraine in partnership with the Ukrainian National Lottery, which has offered the products since 2017 under the brands of Blitz Loto and Loteus.

The Fincore Remote Gaming Server (RGS) is an end-to-end gaming platform, integrated with multiple aggregators and partners.

We also use industry leading quantum physics Random Number Generator (RNG) hardware cards, manufactured by Quantis in Switzerland. The cards are certified for true randomness, and can support high loads of concurrent users. RGS also offers out of the box integrations to other RNG services.

Product Overview

Lottery player aging, innovations and a “mobile-first” principle mean that lottery providers need to find new ways to attract new customers.

Players want new, simple, affordable and beautiful games with quick results. Enter QDL.

The RTP, Odds, Math, Language, Markets or Market Types for any game can be customized according to the client’s and local regulatory requirements.

New, Unique Lottery Games

Keno Games – Multiple Keno in one game with the unique “stretched in time” game result.

Sports Games – Games with sports related topics.

Roulette Games – New way to play Roulette with unique “stretched in time” game result.

Number Games – Player can pick a way to play higher or lower chances with different math.

Skill Games – The first intellectual lottery in the world! CHAMPION’S MOVE is where a player watches a Chess or other tournament in real time and tries to predict the next moves of the players. Player’s rating is directly proportional to the number of moves guessed and inversely proportional to the decision making time.

MiniMax – Lotto style jackpot games with a new method of determining a winning set of numbers which contains numbers with the lowest values. Prize distribution can be parimutuel or fixed odds.

Chance Games – Unique type of math. Possibility to pick a reward.

Blockchain Based Lottery

Q-Servi is an innovative gaming company made up of a wealth of experience in gaming, blockchain technology, and more. 

The Q-Servi management team has been involved in the gaming industry for 30 years, developing and operating the first Internet Sportsbook platform, building and managing casino and lottery products, launching global networked gaming systems, and providing end to end gaming solutions. 

The development team has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2016, working with clients and regulators in parallel to deliver innovative, first-of-their-kind products to market. 

The team designed and launched the world’s first fully licensed blockchain-based lottery in 2017, regulated in the Isle of Man. Alongside staying active in the gaming industry, part of Q-Servi’s development team has built a unique ecosystem of blockchain, biometrics, mobile and cloud systems for the travel industry and other organizations. 

Q-Servi has continually delivered a multitude of products for clients, including whitelabel cryptocurrency & NFT wallets, decentralized document storage, and health diagnostic platforms. This experience and product range can be leveraged to provide full-suite solutions for the gaming industry including user management, KYC, blockchain-based games, and more. The business development team is happy to discuss how best to meet your operational requirements in order to provide the best solution for you.


About AutoLotto

AutoLotto is built upon the technology and experience of launching the world’s first fully licensed blockchain lottery in 2017. The aim was to create a low-cost, easy to operate blockchain-based lottery system that operators can quickly and easily roll out to new markets.

Players can utilize their cryptocurrency wallets to quickly and easily participate in lotto draws, opening up a new potential audience where crypto has transformed people’s access to finance/banking. User funds being protected in their encrypted wallets allows players to have full control over their security as opposed to having funds stored on a centralized system.


Lower operational costs, enhanced transparency and verifiable fairness

AutoLotto is built on smart contracts, providing autonomy, minimizing operational costs and security risks (human error or malicious actions), and promoting fairness and transparency. Players are able to view transactions on the blockchain, and verify that the game is working as intended, providing unrivaled confidence in the legitimacy of each draw. User funds not being held by the operator helps minimize financial risk and is another example of how blockchain-based games can bolster player confidence.

Minimal resources are required to operate the lottery, as human intervention is only needed for scheduling lotteries and game reporting. Both tasks can also be automated with some additional development.

AutoLotto has been designed to rapidly roll out and meet any requirements, via either a public or private blockchain solution. The game can be deployed on most ERC-20 chains, although it is highly recommended to use a protocol with low transaction fees and quick transaction times for user experience. Players can participate via MetaMask or a wallet that supports WalletConnect, with single-touch sign-on enabling quick access to draws.


Optional KYC/user management

Dependent on Operator requirements (e.g. regulation), AutoLotto has optional KYC integration built in. This can be quickly enabled after some customisation based on your needs.

Additionally, we can quickly and efficiently integrate AutoLotto with your existing platform/account management system.


Key Product Highlights

  • Fully autonomous blockchain-based lottery product.
  • Built on Polygon but, with some development input, it can be launched on any major chain with smart contracts.
  • Minimal resources are required to operate the lottery. 
  • Option for self custodial fund management by users simply by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet, alleviating the responsibility of the operator. This provides confidence for users with larger balances, as they are able to control the security of their funds.
  • Integration with existing systems/platforms can be supported with some additional development.
  • Currently have proof of concept live with pool-based Lotto 649 – a raffle style game.

BETER: Next-gen Gaming

Are you looking for the best in gaming entertainment? Look no further than BETER! With an unrivaled selection of table tennis content and odds, as well as 10,000+ matches per month, BETER is the go-to source for sports enthusiasts.

When it comes to table tennis, BETER is in a league of its own. With its own integrity team to ensure compliance with local state bodies, BETER provides the highest-quality matches with strict risk management. BETER’s table tennis content offers a higher percentage margin than leading sports games like the Champions League or EPL. 

BETER is also a premium Esports tournaments provider, hosting over 200,000 events per year. With a variety of popular disciplines including efootball, ebasketball, ehockey, CS:GO, and Dota2, BETER provides the ultimate in engaging content 24/7. 

The Ultimate Gateway To Horse Racing

Horse Races Now is positioned as the ultimate app for live horse racing content, race intelligence, and global race results.

By providing both existing and potential fans easy access to follow horse racing on demand, Horse Races Now is building an engaged user base and helping to foster a stronger global audience for the sport.

The mobile-first app is designed to provide a full complement of live racing feeds, race replays, current news, and handicapping tools that allows the user to follow their favorites through push notification reminders.


BetStarters empowers iGaming operators worldwide with a single, all-in-one, scalable ecosystem that provides everything needed for success in today’s fast-paced iGaming industry.



  1. All-in-one, customizable iGaming platform: BetStarters offers a comprehensive iGaming platform that includes a sportsbook, datafeed, games hub, and a range of payment solutions, allowing clients to manage all aspects of their online gaming business from a single interface.
  2. Risk management: The platform includes risk and anti-fraud modules to help mitigate potential losses and maintain a secure and compliant online gaming environment. This includes real time reporting, enabling operators to make informed decisions.
  3. Truly global solution with multi-lingual and multi-currency support as well as built in licensing flexibility for operators in different jurisdictions 
  4. Fully Customizable: BetStarters’ platform is fully customizable, allowing businesses to create a tailored gaming experience for their users, including personalized promotions and offers.
  5. Integrated Payment Solutions: With many payment solutions integrated into the platform, BetStarters streamlines the payment process, making it easier for users to deposit and withdraw funds.

Fantasy Sports Platform

Vinfotech offers a robust, versatile and scalable B2B fantasy sports platform with features that deliver the ultimate new age fantasy sports experience. The bespoke solutions will help increase fan engagement and ad revenue. 

The software is carefully designed and engineered to integrate any sport, multiple game formats, and connect with any payment gateway.

Vinfotech also builds non-sports fantasies such as reality TV fantasy, stock fantasy and political fantasy.


Product Overview

Mobile Premier League

A sports fantasy solution for India’s biggest mobile gaming platform with a user base of 25+ million. Compatible with all the leading leagues and contests, it features multiple leagues and contests, on-field team view, payment gateways, refer a friend and more to improve user experiences. 

Koora Fantasy

Enables users to partake in the same high-adrenaline experience of playing an on-ground football game. Its new Multi-league game type allows users to enjoy the thrills of participating in all four leagues together. The platform also features ultra-modern drafting options and advanced features to provide an enthralling and hassle-free gaming experience for the entire season.


A crowdsourced sports gambling advice platform that gives you an opportunity to put your betting skills to the test and enable advice seekers to make informed decisions. The simple layout enables users to find and follow experts in every league, conference, division, and team. Users also have the option to look at the stats, trends, odds, and picks by other users.

Fan Engagement Solutions

Power the next generation of fan experiences. Whether you are a sports league or a brand looking to engage sports fans, Vinfotech builds bespoke solutions that will help increase fan engagement and ad revenue.

MTV Challenge Fantasy

MTV chose Vinfotech to develop a fantasy application for their reality TV show “The Challenge”. The result was a very high level of engagement among passionate fans and exposure to newer audiences. The fantasy sports-style game enables users to compete with family and friends based on the actual performance of the characters on the show.

Sports Betting Platform

A standard software solution, customized to suit our customers requirements. It provides a bookmaker with a system that caters for all needs including Shop Software, Internet, Mobile, Self Service Machines and special hospitality capture and recognition systems.

Next Generation Sports Betting

BetConstruct is an industry-leading developer and provider of online and land-based betting solutions. They offer White Label & Turnkey platforms, and in-depth API solutions. Their White Label solution allows businesses to launch their own online betting or gaming platform, while their Turnkey solution allows businesses to operate under BetConstruct’s licenses. The API solutions allow businesses to integrate BetConstruct’s betting and gaming products into their own platform.

In addition to its core services, BetConstruct also provides a range of supplementary solutions including risk management services. These offerings are designed to assist businesses in minimizing their risks and safeguarding their profitability. With their round-the-clock customer support, BetConstruct is readily available to address any issues businesses may encounter at any time, on any day. Furthermore, BetConstruct extends its support by offering marketing and promotional services to help businesses both attract new players and retain existing ones.

BetConstruct is licensed in over 15 jurisdictions and has over 500 payment methods integrated into their platform. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced provider of online and land-based betting gaming solutions, BetConstruct should be one of your top choices.

Risk Quantification & Management

Maxxsure was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing a best-in-class cyber risk quantification and management solution that takes a truly holistic survey of all internal and external influencing factors over the cyber risk posture of an organization. 


The M-ScoreTM is a holistic quantification of cyber risk for an organization presented on a scale of 0 to 1,000. The M-Score is created by collecting comprehensive data spanning both internal and external factors that influence a company’s cyber risk profile.

With the M-ScoreTM, organizations have continuous line of sight into their cyber risk, allowing them to access up-to-date data to make adaptations to their cyber risk management strategies as their needs and environments change.

Organizations can confidently prioritize their cyber risk remediation measures, make educated decisions on risk acceptance levels, and use concrete data to help determine appropriate levels of cyber risk insurance coverage that align with budget and risk tolerance.

Once data is collected, your risks are summarized and imported into a comprehensive cyber risk registry in the Risk Management Platform so that you can keep track of your risks.


Product Key Features


This detailed level of reporting allows decision-makers to prioritize risk decision-making and the implementation of remediation measures that protect the most vulnerable and important assets first


The cyber threat landscape constantly changes, and so do organizations — with respect to their staffing, tech stacks, digital and geographic footprints, and even their policies or business models. The M-Score serves as a compass for leaders to navigate an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape

Master Affiliate Desk

MAD is a digital management desk specifically designed for affiliate marketers and website operators. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to efficiently manage teams and multiple websites. MAD focuses on organizing tasks, tracking expenses and income, and improving SEO performance.

It aims to streamline operations for better productivity and revenue generation in the affiliate marketing industry. MAD caters to individuals and businesses globally who are looking for a centralized solution to enhance their online presence and affiliate marketing performance. Its unique selling points include an integrated management system, team collaboration capabilities, data insights and reporting tools, scalability for managing multiple affiliate sites, and specialized services such as WordPress development content creation, SEO expertise, and link building support.

Whether you are an individual affiliate marketer or a business looking to grow your online presence, MAD offers the tools and support needed to succeed in the competitive affiliate marketing industry.

Passenger & Airport Capacity Management

Ink solutions combine with your existing systems to transform the passenger experience and improve resource allocation.

Ink’s aviation products have been improving operational efficiency for airports and airlines across the entire passenger journey for years. 

The Ink team has decades of experience across the airline/travel industry and is able to work with you to ensure your operations are industry-leading.

Simultaneously, Ink’s solutions ensure an effortless, stress-free passenger experience – a win-win.


Product Key Features:

  • Mobile Passenger Handling
  • Online check-in
  • Self check-in and bag drop kiosks with minimal footprint and versatile pricing options
  • Departure Control Systems
  • Baggage Reconciliation Systems
  • Optimized Turnaround Systems
  • Load Control
  • Airport Operational Database
  • Integration with existing systems

Revolutionize your login experience and account security

Are you tired of complex and slow authentication methods that hurt user experience and hinder productivity?

MIRACL offers a highly secure, password-free login in just two seconds, boasting login success rates as high as 99.987%. This password-less login method improves user experience, raises conversion rates, and decreases costs while providing banking-level security.

Trusted by global financial and technology companies, MIRACL’s solution relies on Pairing-Based Cryptography (PBC) for its innovative M-Pin multi-factor authentication protocol, which is “zero knowledge” and ensures the highest levels of security. With MIRACL Trust, user information stays with users, eliminating the need for backup codes.

Integrate MIRACL into your IT platform quickly and seamlessly with its software-based and API-enabled service. With MIRACL, protect your business, improve user experience, and increase profits.

Complete iGaming Platform

Not all Account Management Systems are created equal or – in many cases –  future proofed.

Born from deep experience in the real money gaming sector, ATOM is an omni-channel Account Management system built to scale with your business. 

The ATOM CMS incorporates CRM tools, Rewards and Gamification, KYC, Payments, Casino & Sports Providers, Business & Artificial Intelligence, Affiliation. 

It’s the beating heart of your operation, no matter the aspirational scale, providing data-driven and actionable insights at each step of your customer’s journey.

ATOM is simple in design and, when intertwined with some of the best products on the market, delivers a reliable platform that can grow with your business and needs.

Product Key Features:

  • Provides data driven and actionable insights at each stage of your customer’s journey
  • Aligns with your corporate /operational/marketing initiatives with real-time customer data
  • Uses lean engineering practices with thorough QA built into processes, allowing for continuous development and deployment
  • Provided via a technically and commercially flexible engagement model

NeoTech Solutions

Introducing Neotech Solutions, the future of online casino software! Since its launch in 2018, NeoTech has been on a mission to revolutionize the iGaming industry. With the cutting-edge NeoCasino Online Casino Platform and Game Aggregator, NeoTech offers unparalleled scalability, stability, and speed, ensuring iGaming businesses stand out in the competitive market. The team is dedicated to providing top-notch 24/7 support, player retention services, and gambling license support.

But that’s not all – the White Label Solution Package is a one-stop-shop for launching a successful online casino business. With the Curaçao Gaming License, operators can legally operate in most countries, and the Turnkey Online Casino option allows for complete customization.

NeoTech enables businesses to take iGaming ventures to the next level, offering a vast game library through the Game Aggregator. Experience the future of online casinos with NeoTech – where innovation meets opportunity.

LaLiga Advertising

Via our media partner in India, we are offering premium advertising opportunities for Cam Carpet and Digital Board Replacement (DBR) in the 34 matches of the LALIGA season which kicked off on 14 August. 

LED perimeter advertising allows brands to reach fans in an emotional, engaging environment without disrupting the consumer experience.

The package includes a full 9 mins per game inventory in the Indian subcontinent for the whole season, including the away games of Barca, Real Madrid and Ath. Madrid – the best followed clubs in India.

The digital spaces are located in areas of maximum interest, are not shared with any other brand, and receive high coverage in highlights videos.

LALIGA is the only league to offer geotargeting with multiple different feeds. With a separate feed for China and SE Asia, full visibility for the India feed is assured.

Benefits of DBR:

  1. Your brand features on matches featuring the world’s most valuable clubs in one of the world’s premium football leagues
  2. Customize your image: logo, latest product or campaign
  3. Each message is tailored to the specific region
  4. Multiple brands possible


MMA League Centurion

Centurion FC is a sport and entertainment promoter, established in Malta in 2017 by its founder, ex-MMA fighter Gallo Roberto. The established brand is a unique combination of Style, Show Business, Luxury and Excitement.

By fusing MMA with iGaming, Centurion’s intent is to evolve the game by filling the gaps in the European MMA market with one aggressive, season-long campaign. 

With a global fan base of 481 million and a similar profile to that for iGaming, sponsorship of a tournament or of the series guarantees a high value audience. 

Premium sponsorship opportunities are available for upcoming tournaments in:

  • Serbia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Dubai
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Brazil


Choose from multiple options to suit your style and budget, from cage-side table sponsorship, Channel Sponsor to Gold or Platinum.

Contact NYCE to find out about exposure and sponsorship opportunities.

Live score App & Plug and Play Widgets Convert fans to Bettors!

Triggy is the ultimate B2B Sports Tech company – designed to engage the next generation of sports fans and bettors. Triggy combines sports data, odds, and user insights to create personalized content that drives conversion and retention for sportsbook operators, affiliates, and media companies.

Triggy offers real-time sports statistics and live scores from major sports and leagues. It also provides pre-game and live odds markets, bet recommendations, personalized content, and notifications. With multi-language support and support for sports such as cricket, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey, Triggy is the one-stop-shop for all your sports betting needs.


Unibo is an innovative player retention platform that has a proven record of growing revenue for online operators by creating engaging and personalized gaming experiences. The platform offers a variety of campaign types, including Missions, Tournaments, Jackpots, Prize Drops, and Races. The platform offers operators intuitive tools for campaign editing and player management.. Unibo also provides automated reporting so that operators can track the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, Unibo addresses the issue of bonus abuse by offering tools to fight against it. It includes robust blocking systems for players and specific games, promoting fairness in the gaming environment. The team works with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you see optimal returns, providing analysis and actionable insights to increase retention and reduce bonus abuse.

Unibo also places a strong emphasis on adaptability and innovation, consistently updating its offerings to stay ahead of industry trends.This commitment to ongoing development ensures that online casinos remain competitive and exciting for players in a rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

NYCE Gaming Presentation

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Powerful CRM Services

As a team of professionals from multiple industries, HawX offers the most potent customized CRM to assist your sales and marketing teams in achieving higher retention rates.

As well as retention, reactivation and pre-churn management, increase customers’ LTV (LifeTime Value) through a professional CRM team working 24/7 on cross-selling customers.


Product Overview

Segmentation & Onboarding Optimization

HawX segments players into different life stages, value tiers and behaviors in order to achieve maximum personalization.

Through different cycles of the client’s marketing, it provides a complete granular analysis of a user journey, targeting conversion rate and other early life stages optimization.

Daily Public and Private Promotions

Retention – Check all data, plan day-to-day and seasonal campaigns and keep customers returning to your website.

Reactivation – Reactivate users under churn and dormant life stages and uncover extraordinary reactivation strategies for your business to start regaining the trust of long lost customers and making them active again.

Pre-Churn Control – Identify pre-churn customers and avoid costly and time-intensive customer acquisition processes by convincing potentially lost customers to keep playing with you.

VIP Treatment Optimization – Easily show your highest value tier customers that better offerings may more suitably fulfill their needs. VIP customers will be suggested premium offerings, special benefits or any other offers that will help them stay loyal to your brand.

SMS & Email Provider Integrations

Organize sending of Campaign SMS messages with the best SMS provider integration in order to avoid I/O in bandwidth; and arrange Email marketing through Email integration.

Incident SLA Management

Automate the Incident Management Process via ‘SLAs (Service Level Agreements) Met vs Breached’ approach and deliver reports on a monthly basis.


Increase customers’ LTV (LifeTime Value) through a professional CRM team working 24/7 on cross-selling customers from one product to another while providing the best user experience on the market.

Affiliate Platform

KeyAffiliates is an established segment of ComOn Network that is dedicated to bringing fresh and relevant deals to its partners which guarantee clients maximum return for their work efforts.

It features the best performing iGaming campaigns available, which means that all campaigns and materials are up to date and optimized at all times, as each campaign gets the necessary time and focus.

Truly global operations in multiple markets.

Value Proposition:

  • Generate high value online traffic
  • Balance reward plans with levels of traffic quality
  • Proactive Key Account Management
  • Back office, integrated dashboard with realtime reporting tools


Traffic sources include:

  • PPC
  • Social
  • Email/SMS
  • Push / Pop under / Natives
  • In-App

Finger Vein Biometric Identification

A proven, award-winning biometric technology, FinGo enables a person’s identity to be verified quickly and easily for businesses, and regional and national governments alike. 

FinGo’s next generation of biometric identity authentication uses world-first finger vein mapping technology to better connect people, places and businesses. 

Its technology scans each person’s unique vein pattern – an internal biometric which cannot be traced or copied.

From making payments and verifying age, to accessing buildings and transport services, FinGo removes the need to rely on cards, documents or devices. All you need is your finger.


Solutions Offered

Identity Schemes

Age Verification

Access and Security

Membership Schemes

Payments and Loyalty

Transport Ticketing


Product Key Features

  • INCLUSIVE – Regardless of geography, culture, age, background and socio-economic status.
  • CONNECTED – Joining people, places and businesses.
  • SECURE – Impossible to copy and fraudulently use.


Next Generation Micro Betting

JP Morgan estimates that $9 billion will be wagered on US sports by 2025, with $7 billion of that being on in-play and microbetting.

Genius Sports projects that 80% of NFL handle will be on in-play within the next 10 years.

The pace and particular rhythm of US sports such as baseball and basketball lend themselves perfectly to “microbetting” – high frequency bets wrapped in a social environment.

Powered by proprietary algorithms, Kero Sports deploys markets every 30-60 seconds, auto-curating options that are hyper relevant to what’s happening in the game.

The algorithms consider upwards of 100,000 market permutations every game.

The betting experience is then wrapped in a social environment as discussing the game is the number one thing people do on their mobile device while watching a game.

Sports books have the option to sandbox the application with a Free-to-Play game and, with Soccer being launched next month, this is an essential element for any modern sports book.

Custom-Tailored IT Solutions

Q-Servi builds industry-leading solutions designed to empower individuals and businesses, providing efficiency, digitalization, and system-to-system interoperability.

Q-Servi has delivered products across a multitude of industries including cryptocurrency, healthcare, construction, education, airline, and more.

These products are designed to fit unique business needs while seamlessly integrating with existing systems, improving operations and exceeding expectations.

Key Product Areas:

  • Wallets – Cryptocurrency, decentralized health document storage, KYC, and more.
  • Access Control/Credentialing – Combined with wallets for proof of identity/documentation
  • Travel/Airlines
  • Medical/Clinical Testing
  • Gaming – Lottery, RNG, etc.


IT & Network Infrastructure Services

We have partnered with Secitis to provide high-level information technology and information security advisory.

Best for businesses who wish to augment business value through smarter applications, faster processing, data storage, and wide information distribution.

Digital Marketing Services

Nooyoo Digital

We partnered with Nooyoo Digital to deliver creative and digitally accelerated results, utilizing technology and above all our personal touch of creativity. We build your vision for the future into a brand by combining our experience in marketing and digital creativity. We specialize in start-ups and companies looking to revitalize their presence. It’s services include Branding, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, graphics, SEO, Help & Support, Content Creation, and Presentations.


We partnered with Nooyoo Digital to deliver creative and digitally accelerated results, utilizing technology and above all our personal touch of creativity. We build your vision for the future into a brand by combining our experience in marketing and digital creativity. We specialize in start-ups and companies looking to revitalize their presence. It’s services include Branding, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, graphics, SEO, Help & Support, Content Creation, and Presentations.

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